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Water Tanks in India
5 Layer Double Puff-Tuff Insulated

JAL GOLD 5 Layer Double Puff-Tuff Insulated water tanks provide you higher insulation temperature and more strength than other blow moulded water tanks. Our tanks have multiple layers of polymer engineered chemicals for higher efficiency, more hygiene and make it weather resistant.


JAL GOLD Water Tanks gives you higher insulation and controls water at its original temperature unlike other roto moulded /blow moulded water tanks. The Difference between both tanks water temperature under direct sunlight can reach upto 30ºC

100% Virgin Grade JAL GOLD Tanks Innermost layer is made up of 100% pure virgin grade HD which promises high performance and quality of JAL GOLD Water Tanks.
Food Grade
Use of German Technology made it Safe for use, when it comes in contact with drinking water, JAL GOLD Water Tanks are manufactured from food grade HD.
UV Stable
Our Tanks are UV Stabilized which prevents degradation and ensures that there is no cracking or chalking or loss in physical properties in JAL GOLD Water Tanks.

Why Jal Gold’s Five Layer Insulated Water Tanks :
Higher Insulation Temperature (56C – 30C)
UV Stable
100% Virgin Food Grade
First Time in India thermal insulation of black layer and white foamy layer for higher insulation and better life of tanks.
Roto Moulded technology gives higher strength compare to blow moulded water tanks
Lead free, Bacteria free, Algae free.
Pollution free.
Save Energy
Easy to Install
Plumbing Facility

Water Tanks in India