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Water Tanks in India
5 Layer Double Puff-Tuff Insulated

JAL GOLD 5 Layer Double Puff-Tuff Insulated water tanks provide you higher insulation temperature and more strength than other blow moulded water tanks. Our tanks have multiple layers of polymer engineered chemicals for higher efficiency, more hygiene and make it weather resistant.


JAL GOLD Water Tanks gives you higher insulation and controls water at its original temperature unlike other roto moulded /blow moulded water tanks. The Difference between both tanks water temperature under direct sunlight can reach upto 30ºC

100% Virgin Grade JAL GOLD Tanks Innermost layer is made up of 100% pure virgin grade HD which promises high performance and quality of JAL GOLD Water Tanks.
Food Grade
Use of German Technology made it Safe for use, when it comes in contact with drinking water, JAL GOLD Water Tanks are manufactured from food grade HD.
UV Stable
Our Tanks are UV Stabilized which prevents degradation and ensures that there is no cracking or chalking or loss in physical properties in JAL GOLD Water Tanks.

Water Tank with Dual Lid for higher Insulation Outer Layer and Black Inner Layer
Water Tanks in India
Jal Gold Water Tanks 5 Layer Insulated Double PUFF-TUFF
Pearl Green / Golden Yellow

  • Water Tanks in India

    Saves Energy

    5 Insulation layers reduce the heating of water due to sunlight and maintaining a difference of approximately 25-30 degree Celsius. That insulation ensures that lesser energy is required for cooling water.

  • Water Tanks in India


    We have given extra ribs to design which adds strength to the tank. It minimizes bulging when the tank is full with water, and also decreases chances of bursting of tank under pressure.

  • Water Tanks in India

    Extra Secure

    Our water tanks come with dual lid and designed in such a way which is ensuring air-tight closure. Outer Colored Lid Comes Security rings are provided to put a lock for extra security & inner black lid provides insulation from top of tank.

  • Water Tanks in India

    Keeps Water Fresh

    Meshed Ventilators designed with German Technology allows the water to breath and stay fresh.

  • Water Tanks in India

    More Hygienic

    Innermost Layer is of 100% pure virgin food grade which ensures that the water does not get contaminated when in contact with the tank.

  • Water Tanks in India

    Plumbing Facilities

    Our Tanks Comes with Multi outlet options along with inlet and over-flow configurations for better connections.

  • Water Tanks in India

    Easy Installation

    Tanks are manufacturers with built in provision for lifting tanks to higher floors which makes installation easier.




Overflow capacity

500 LTR .

Ø 859 mm

1005 mm

525 Ltrs.

750 LTR .

Ø 969 mm

1160 mm

765 Ltrs.

1000 LTR.

Ø 1060 mm

1265 mm

1025 Ltrs.

1500 LTR.

2000 LTR.

3000 LTR.

5000 LTR.